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If you would like to apply for an open position, please click the "Apply for Job" button and submit a cover letter and CV/resume.


If you would like more information about a position, please send your inquiry to, and indicate which open position is of interest to you.


Research Associate/Sr. Research Associate, Stem Cell Culture

Job Code: 21-01

This is a laboratory position with responsibility for managing cell culture needs for multiple projects. Duties include maintaining mouse and human stem cell lines, expanding or differentiating them for high throughput screens and cell based assays. Assisting with organoid cultures and single cell RNAseq experiments, or conducting cell based or molecular assays is also possible, depending on skillset and experience. The applicant must be efficient, detail oriented and possess excellent sterile technique and other bench level skills.

  • BS/MS with a minimum of 4 years of tissue culture experience is required.

  • Proficiency in cell culture techniques including thawing and passaging cells, cryopreservation

  • Experience with stem cell differentiation in 2D or 3D organoid models is highly desirable

  • Proficiency in molecular biology procedures such qPCR or single cell RNAseq is highly desirable

  • Ability to maintain multiple cell lines concurrently is essential.

  • Experience with mouse or human stem cell culture is strongly preferred.

  • Experience with neuronal cell culture is highly desirable.

  • Occasional weekend/after hours work will be required.


The applicant must reside in the San Diego biotech corridor and be able to work in the US.


Scientist/Sr. Scientist, Single Cell Multiomics

Job Code: 21-02

This is a laboratory position shared with our sister contract research company Three Dimension Genomics.


Single cell multiomics measures multiple properties of individual cells at genome scale. We are seeking a Scientist or Sr. Scientist to join a team conducting single cell multiomics studies using spatial transcriptomic and droplet based single cell gene expression technologies. Future projects will incorporate high content imaging data, FACS data, multiplex immunohistological data, among others.

This is a bench scientist position. The research culture at Predictive is fast-moving and highly investigator driven, suitable for highly motivated, highly creative and analytical laboratory scientists that can conduct multiple concurrent projects effectively and efficiently.


Job Requirements:

  • Must be a highly driven self-directed independent research scientist able to develop new ideas and successfully manage research projects

  • Must have completed doctoral level training in a biomedical field with significant research laboratory experience.

  • Must be able to work well within a group, and able to meet time and performance goals of the team.

  • Able to clearly and concisely communicate project goals, strategy and progress in project proposals, written reports and verbal presentations, both internally and externally.


The following attributes are highly desirable. Please note any that apply in your cover letter or CV.


  • Expertise in single cell transcriptome analysis using bioinformatics tools such as Seurat, Monocle and other genome scale data analysis tools.

  • Expertise in a neurosciences field such as neurogenetics, neuropharmacology, CNS developmental biology.

  • Expertise in complex trait genetics and statistical modeling of genetic data.

  • Hands on experience with organoid models, high content imaging or cell based assays for drug discovery screening.


The applicant must reside in the San Diego biotech corridor and be able to work in the US.

We do not sponsor H-1B visas.

We offer a competitive salary and benefits including a health insurance plan, 401K plan with company match, and stock options.


To apply, please submit a CV and cover letter. 


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